Ryan Star原名Ryan Star Kulchinsky,1978年1月7日出生于纽约长岛的亨廷顿(Huntington, Long Island, New York),是大西洋唱片公司(Atlantic Records,现为华纳音乐集团旗下子公司厂牌下一个音乐家,歌手,词曲作者。音乐流派以摇滚,另类摇滚(Rock/Alternative Rock)为主。

《Stay Awhile》这首歌曲的伴奏比较特殊,有先声夺人的气势,仿佛耀眼的光芒,一划而过。Ryan Star魅力的嗓音无法阻挡,温柔的唱腔,音质纯粹,爆发力却极强,高亢而充满激情,尽情挥洒,富有感染力。喜欢这样的摇滚柔情,极致磁性的声线,帅气十足,精彩绝伦的演绎令人沉醉!仿佛一场电影让人迷恋,而欣赏后你心情愉悦,受到了鼓舞,有种耳目一新的感受,适合单曲循环。

《Stay Awhile》歌词:

Clocks marching at the double time

Every dollar has become a dime

Hearts breaking at the speed of sound

Falling down, all around

Bombs lighting up the eastern sky

The backroom deals and the bottom lines

The Earth's shaking, but we don't know why

A million fires, oceans rise

I leave it all when I feel you near

What I'm saying is I need you here

Even though love never seems to last

If you think we’ve got a chance


Stay awhile

Oh you got to stay awhile

These days are wild

So baby, won't you stay awhile

Drop the needle on the belle brigade

We slow dance till the moonlight fades

Tell me now that you'll never leave

Always stay, here with me

Keep me safe from the circus show

The bullshit and the blowing smoke

The knife hidden under every sleeve

Stab your back, watch you bleed

They’re gonna tell you what you wanna hear

Like: I can make you a star next year

Well, if New York city's lights are so bright

How come so many people cry tonight


Let your hair fall around your face

I would kill just to keep you safe

Put your body next to mine

Just let go, and close your eyes

I shiver when I feel your skin

Like a sinner who's been forgiven

Go on, baby, shine your light

Cause no one's gonna find us here tonight




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